Seeing double, Moncton hospital delivers 3 sets of twins in 24 hours


Last Saturday was a busy one for obstetricians and maternity staff at the Moncton Hospital as three sets of twins were delivered in a 24 hour period.

Dr. Stephane Foulem, the doctor that delivered two of the sets, said the hospital sees between 30 and 40 sets of twins a year...but they're usually spaced out a little more than this.

"I've done this 12 years now ... I've never seen three sets of twins in this kind of time frame," said Foulem.

"At that point, I thought 'The nurses are playing a prank on me.'"

Alison Lane, the mother of newborn twins Mariah and Kaylee, said the atmosphere in the maternity ward was electric.

"They're like, we've never seen this many twins at the same time," said Lane. 

"It's crazy."

Lane said her mother was a twin, so she always knew it was a possibility that she could give birth to twins.

One of the other expectant mothers arrived right after Lane, and the two women were able to swap stories as they shared a recovery room after.

"It was pretty cool, you know, to just get to talk with her and find out a little bit more about her and how her birth went," said Lane

Lane said it was a bit concerning to give birth during a pandemic.

"It was a bit scary, I must say, not knowing exactly what's going to take place," she said.

"Especially going in to have the baby, you know, not knowing if anyone's going to be allowed to be there with me or whatnot. But it turned out all good and my husband was allowed to come as well."

Foulem said the pandemic has definitely changed the way things are done in the ward, but no amount of planning could prepare him for this particular 24 hours.

"I never thought of what would happen if we had three sets of twins come in during the pandemic," said Foulem.

"I wrote no guidelines for that particular scenario."

Lane said her twins are doing well and get lots of attention from her three other children.