Investment to mitigate flood risk and build climate resiliency in Fredericton


FREDERICTON (GNB) – The provincial, federal, and municipal governments today announced a combined investment of more than $39 million to improve Fredericton’s water and wastewater infrastructure to help mitigate the risk of flooding.

“Our government is pleased to be making this significant investment to help mitigate the risk of flooding, increase the city’s resiliency as we adapt to a changing climate, and ultimately keep residents safe during extreme weather events,” said Social Development Minister Jill Green.

Green spoke on behalf of Réjean Savoie, minister responsible for the Regional Development Corporation.

The funding will support improvements to the drinking water, storm water and sanitary sewer systems, while also upgrading streets and off-street piping to accommodate heavier rainfalls.

“Investing in water, wastewater, stormwater, and active transportation infrastructure is critical for the health of our cities and to protect our environment,” said Fredericton MP Jenica Atwin. “Upgrading these assets in Fredericton will help our community to adapt and mitigate the impacts of the climate crisis and provide easier, safer, and more convenient active transportation infrastructure.”

Atwin attended for federal Housing, Infrastructure and Communities Minister Sean Fraser.

The provincial government is investing $19,537,500 and the federal government is providing $9,116,198, while the city is contributing $10,421,302.

In addition to these projects, the federal government and the city are investing in various transportation infrastructure projects.

“The federal and provincial government’s investments in the City of Fredericton’s water and wastewater and active transportation projects will help provide the tools we need to protect and replace our infrastructure after natural disasters occur and keep Frederictonians moving,” said Mayor Kate Rogers. “A vibrant active transportation system is not only good for the environment it also makes residents more resilient in light of the ever-growing effects of climate change. On behalf of my colleagues at city council, I want to thank the federal and provincial governments for their contributions announced today. It’s crucial that all levels of government keep working together to improve climate resilience for communities like Fredericton and for the people who live here.”