Moncton residents want more information on COVID-19 case


MONCTON, N.B. -- There's been mixed reaction in Moncton to New Brunswick's first case of COVID-19.

While health officials say the case is a woman between 50 and 60 years old, they haven't specified what community she's from. Just that she lives in the southeastern part of the province.

"You don't know where she's been, you don't know where she lives exactly, if she's here in town," said Moncton resident Sherry Thompson.

Testing was conducted at the Georges-L.-Dumont Hospital in Moncton, which initially confirmed the case as presumptive.

The province's chief medical officer of health confirmed the patient had recently traveled to France, although it's unclear if she passed through the greater Moncton international airport, said Julie Pondant of the Greater Moncton International Airport."The flights with the countries that are concerned as risk countries coming to Canada, they're being screened at the first point of arrival in Canada, and for us that would be Montreal, Toronto, and Halifax."

Passenger Cheryl Ferguson says she'll be using extra hand sanitizer but they're not halting travel plans because of it.

"We're going to Mexico for seven days and we're just taking the normal precautions," Ferguson said. "We're not worried at all as a family."

Some event postponements in the Moncton area have already begun including a gathering of municipal leaders.

Crowded areas like the Avenir Centre and the Capitol Theatre say they're ramping up cleaning but not shutting down any events just yet.

"It's a little worrisome, but you still gotta go on with your life, just take precautions," Thompson said.

Public health officials say they will be immediately reaching out to all individuals who may have been in contact with the person confirmed to have the virus to assess their health.