Century-Old HMCS Oriole Arrives in St. John’s Harbour


The oldest vessel in the Royal Canadian Navy has docked in St. John’s Harbour for a limited stay.

HMCS Oriole, a sailing vessel, is now a century old and to mark the occasion she’s visiting ports throughout Atlantic Canada.

Senior communications advisor with the Royal Canadian Navy, Gordon Laco, believes this is the first time the Oriole has made an appearance in St. John’s.

Laco says the Oriole is a pretty remarkable floating object. He says she was built in 1921 and has been in the navy since 1952. Laco says during the war years she was on loan from the family that owned her as a training vessel.

During the visit, HMCS Oriole Captain Lieutenant Commander Robert Pelton presented an Oriole ship’s plaque to the president of the Crows Nest Officer’s Club, Jon Summers.

The vessel departs on Sunday.