Halifax’s Jon Bryant releases wavy new track ‘Tied Up’


Jon Bryant is a singer-songwriter from Halifax, Nova Scotia who is now based in Vancouver. On Friday (July 23) he released a new song “Tied Up.”

The dream-pop tune twinkles, with spacey synths, groovy electric riffs and confident vocals. On Instagram, Bryant compares it to the likes of Phil Collins and Beach House. He also revealed that the song.

According to his official website, Jon Bryant has been busy during the global pandemic and lockdown restrictions, having written 70 songs in 2020. Earlier this year, he released his EP Back to Love and has since shared two more singles. “Candied Tangerines”, his first single is in the CBC Top 20 alongside artists like Lorde, Sufjan Stevens and Jungle. The summery pop-tune is super fun and upbeat with catchy melodies and danceable rhythms.

Listen to “Candied Tangerines” below.