You Can Go Mud Sliding This Summer With Secret Nova Scotia


Businesses across Nova Scotia are crossing their fingers, hoping that Covid-19 won’t prevent a tourism season from happening this summer. The province relies heavily on travelers economically and many businesses suffered last year because of the pandemic.

Nova Scotia is a hot tourist destination because of the variety of experiences it has to offer. But one businesswoman wants to show people a part of the province that is often overlooked. Alicia Simms is the owner of Secret Nova Scotia– a tour company that shows off the sights, food, drink, and flavour of the Truro and North Shore area. With Truro being so close to Halifax, it can be overshadowed by the bigger city.

“When I moved to Truro, I loved the community so much,” said Simms. “Of course, every single person would say, ‘why Truro?’ But Truro is an amazing community. Once I moved here, I was bowled over by how amazing and vibrant the business community was, and how inclusive people were.”

“A lot of Nova Scotia tourism is really focused on HRM and the South Shore, and then Cape Breton. But there’s really little focus in-between.”

Simms is a busy entrepreneur in Truro. On top of running Secret Nova Scotia, she is a full-time tattoo artist and runs the website Truro Buzz – a place that highlights the activities in town.

Secret Nova Scotia offers four tours which range between four to seven hours each: ‘Revealing the Tastes of Tatamagouche,’ Revealing the Brule Shore Sea-nic Boat Tour,’ Tasty Treasure Hunting on The Fundy Shore, and The Mystery of Maitland Mud sliding.’

Each outing comes with an energetic local guide and all the food and drink comes from other local businesses. There are locally made ice cream, spirits, craft beer, chocolate, health snacks and more. One business even created a burger specifically for the tour. Collaborating with other local businesses was one of the highlights for Simms in setting up Secret Nova Scotia.

“This company, and its sister company, Truro Buzz exists, because the communities here in Nova Scotia and the businesses are so unbelievably collaborative,” said Simms.

For adventure seekers, the mud sliding tour in Maitland may be a highlight of any trip to Nova Scotia. Mud sliding is just how it sounds; you slide down a muddy hill, and even the adults get in on the fun.

“It’s the closest to childlike wonder you’ll ever experience in your whole life. You would not believe the fathers…it’s hilarious to see the fathers let loose and just go cannonballing down that hill,” laughed Simms.

‘We got a lot of, mostly locals, who did it last year. And people said: ‘I’ve lived here my whole life, and I always wanted to do it and never done it.”