The notes are being issued by The Bank of Nova Scotia (“BNS”). There are important differences between the notes and a conventional debt security, including different investment risks and certain additional costs. See “Risk Factors” beginning on page TS-7 of this term sheet, “Additional Risk Factors” on TS-8 of this term sheet and “Risk Factors” beginning on page PS-7 of product prospectus supplement EQUITY SUN-1.

The initial estimated value of the notes as of the pricing date is $9.603 per unit, which is less than the public offering price listed below. See “Summary” on the following page, “Risk Factors” beginning on page TS-7 of this term sheet and “Structuring the Notes” on page TS-14 of this term sheet for additional information. The actual value of your notes at any time will reflect many factors and cannot be predicted with accuracy.

None of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”), any state securities commission, or any other regulatory body has approved or disapproved of these securities or determined if this Note Prospectus (as defined below) is truthful or complete. Any representation to the contrary is a criminal offense.