Halifax woman charged with stunting


A 54-year-old Halifax woman has been handed a hefty fine after being charged with stunting early Friday afternoon.

Halifax Regional Police say an officer captured the vehicle’s speed at 165 km/h in a 100 km/h zone in the outbound lanes of Highway 102 near Kearney Lake Road at around 1 p.m.

A stunting charge is automatic for any vehicle going at least 50 km/h over the speed limit. The fine is $2,422.50 and six points are assigned to the driver’s record.

In addition, she has been suspended from driving for a week and the vehicle was seized and towed.

"In a continued effort to address traffic safety issues and educate citizens on the rules of the road, our officers focus on speed enforcement," said HRP in a news release.

"We all have a role to play in keeping our roads safe. If you see someone driving dangerously, report it to police by calling 911."