Masks do 'not replace physical distancing,' says Dr. Heather Morrison


As guidelines for the use of masks during COVID-19 continue to vary from province to province, P.E.I.'s Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Heather Morrison clarified the Island's current health recommendations at a Friday afternoon news briefing. 

Last week, New Brunswick Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jennifer Russell said masks will become "required unless unable," in the next two phases of that province's ease-back plan. 

Russell addressed this later, saying that when physical distancing measures are loosened even further to allow gatherings in two to four weeks, masks could become mandatory in settings where it is impossible to maintain a proper distance. 

The "unless unable" stipulation means masks won't be mandatory for children or people who have health issues that prevent them from wearing a mask comfortably.

"It's very important that you get used to wearing masks," Russell said.